Write today to raise the issue of religious selection in school admissions

We’d like as many people as possible to write to their local MPs, Assembly Members, Councillors and newspapers to raise the issue of fair admissions, and ending religious selection.

We’ve provided a facility through which you can email your MP. This has default text (although we recommend you customise it), and by entering your address the system will automatically identify your MP for you.

We’d also strongly encourage you to contact your local Councillors and Assembly members. If you input your post code into WriteToThem then this will identify who they are and similarly allow you to contact them through the website. You’ll have to input your own message, but you can look at our suggested text (also available in Word format).

It’d also be great to get a letter printed in your local newspaper. You should be able to find details on where to send letters on their website and in the paper itself (along with any guidelines about length etc.). Your letter is more likely to be printed if you can find something locally to as a hook (for example a proposed new school, or faith-based problems in admissions to a local school).