Get involved in the Campaign

Tension over religiously selective admission polices is growing and in part due to the increasing religious plurality and growth in the non-religious in England and Wales, and as competition for school places grows. The Fair Admissions Campaign brings together a wide range of civil society groups and individuals. While they derive inspiration for their values from different sources, they are united in wanting all state funded schools to  have admissions policies that do not discriminate against children on the basis of their family’s religion or belief.

Here are three ways can take action to challenge religious selection by state funded schools.

1.     You can set up a local campaign group.

Perhaps a trigger for action could be that a new religiously selective school is being proposed near you; or a local school is proposing to become more discriminatory; or there is a growing realisation of the extent of the existing problem in your area. We have separate pages offering advice about campaigning to challenge new schools and existing schools that are religiously selective, as well as a specific section setting out how campaigners may wish to engage with and campaign from within their local authority, so as to advance greater inclusivity at local schools.

You can also view a list of existing groups endorsed by the Campaign – there might be already in your area.

2.      You can also write to your MP, AM, Councillors and newspapers.

3.      You can complain to the Schools Adjudicator if you believe a school is breaking the Admissions Code.

If you are a parent or carer being discriminated against then you might also be interested in our advice tailored just for you. If you are interested in working with others in your area then please sign up to our mailing list or let us know, so we can put you in touch with like-minded people.

Finally, we’ve also provided images that groups and individuals can put on their websites/blogs to show their support.